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The Earthrise picture was taken from Apollo eight on the day I was born. To me it stands for innovation, setting ambitious aspirational  goals and working with a motivated team towards that goal. Making sure to take care of our small planet. Apollo mission wasn’t just a leap in space technologies, the new innovations were later used to benefit everyday people.


Shaping practical innovative products which benefit people and companies in a complex and challenging environment energizes me. I thrive when experimenting with solutions and developing future-proof products customers love. Producing business results with a cross-functional agile team of energetic and committed people makes me proud.

Creative and practical

Bringing new clarity and order by asking pertinent questions. Creatively and logically creating practical, outside of the box solutions for e-commerce or other digital products.

Resilient and COMMITTED

Planning and execution with strong persistence and commitment to business goals. Getting the best of the team and myself, by clear priorities, quick and objective decision-making and being resilient and flexible when needed.

POsitive and Open

Creating value by combining business and technology. Working effectively with a wide variety of people and organizations due to my positive, openness towards change and people and my balanced and stable personality.

Proven Success

Sustainable growth through innovation

During my career I was responsible for the launch of a  broad variety of innovative products: industrial pavement, global digital customer 360 ecosystem including a vaping subscription model, online ordering and BI tools, e-commerce fulfilment services (bol.com), printing on Demand services, next day delivery, eBook distribution and slow mover fulfilment. Resulting in:

  • 15% of total sales through creation of a full B2C digital ecosystem for 4 brands in 10 countries.
  • 30% of total distribution volume by launching 3 new business units and 2-sided platforms.
  • 450% increase in global online sales by defining channel strategy and signing Amazon, Apple, Google,..

Leading successful digital transformation in cooperates, scale-ups and start-ups.

Building and managing agile production and product teams to autonomy and success for over 20 years.


Sales digital ecosystem


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Earthrise Consultancy

Patrick Steenvoorden

Patrick Steenvoorden

On a personal level

Cycling on my race bike on challenging mountain roads with friends is what I love to a couple of times a year. Photography of beautiful people, architecture and landscapes I like to do as often as possible. Skiing at speed in white powder or moguls is one of my passions. Getting completely wasted during an intense game of squash is a great finish to a day. Cooking up all kind’s different new dishes with lots of flavours and veggies for friends and family. Travelling the globe and learn and meet new cultures and people. Getting inspired by great interior design and innovative products. Trying to learn something new every day keeps me inspired. 


Shaping digital innovation for start-ups, scale-ups and cooperates

Patrick was a very loyal, customer-oriented and expert colleague, who did his work in a pleasant way, in good cooperation with his supervisors and colleagues and to his complete satisfaction. Patrick is a proactive, independent colleague and has shown his involvement at all times at our company.

Fontem Ventures

Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the 2 years that Patrick worked for Elsevier, he was instrumental in rolling out eBooks and Print On Demand in our markets. He covered all aspects of these complex transitions, including the operational, commercial and strategic activities to make this happen. His work and knowledge was not only crucial for HS EMEA/LA, but he was very helpful for other business units in Elsevier as well.

Elsevier Health Science EMEA/LA

Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Patrick was successful in the following roles: Projectmanager logistics, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Business Development manager and Manager Digital Products.  Patrick proved to be very successful in launching new products like CB Online (B2B order and BI tool), Central Book House (wholesale) and eBoekhuis (ebook distribution). Patrick was part of the MT and was co-creator of the long and mid term plans and budgets. He has excellent knowledge and skills. He was very creative and dedicated to Centraal Boekhuis. 

CB Logistics

Reference letter, Culemborg, The Netherlands

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