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RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. They help scientists make new discoveries, doctors and nurses improve the lives of patients and lawyers win cases. My role within Health Science EMEA/LA was to drive the eBook and Printing On Demand sales on elsevier.com and major webshops like Amazon, Apple and Google.

  • Company: Elsevier
  • Location: Amsterdam – The Netherlands
  • Employers: 7800
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Drive digital strategy and online sales channels


Elsevier Health Science EMEA&LA was mostly selling just off-set printed books to medical proffesionals, students and institutions. It has offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South America and publishes world famous books like in Gray’s Anatonomy in all major languages in off-set print. My role was to drive the eBook and Print On Demand (POD) available titles and sales in regular and new online channels. The new online channels included Amazon, Apple and Google and local webshops. 


Elsevier Health Science EMEA&LA has been very successful in selling regular books and were reluctant to move in the new opportunity of eBooks and Printing on Demand. Although the country managing directors understood the strategic importance of digital sales, they were more focussed on the short and mid term sales objectives. 

Jointly working with all country business units, other RELX entities and cooperate strategy an online sales channel strategy was created. My years of experience with digital sales and my elaborate industry expertise was instrumental for a solid strategy based on the new digital market mechanics. We added major players like Amazon, Apple and Google as channels, but also added local channels in 15 countries. The total digital sales increased with 450% as a result.

A big factor in online sales is the pricing of eBooks. Most of the countries were pricing eBooks the same as print. From my experience I knew that consumers expect prices of eBooks to be lower. To convince the MT we conducted a price point test on Amazon, which proved that 80% of print resulted in the highest revenue.

A big project to increase the number of available titles was also managed by me. The project was of less priority for most countries. To reach the project objectives, my approach was to have at least weekly status calls with the responsible people and keep pushing for progress. Sharing best practices between teams to increase efficiency. Reporting the status per country to the management team with traffic lights. 8 of 9 countries delivered on target with a total increase of 500% in eBooks and 350% in Printing On Demand titles.


Increase Sales 

Online Channels



eBook Titels


Increase Print On

Demand titles


Countries were digital

Sales was added 



Shaping digital innovation for start-ups, scale-ups and cooperates

Patrick was a very loyal, customer-oriented and expert colleague, who did his work in a pleasant way, in good cooperation with his supervisors and colleagues and to his complete satisfaction. Patrick is a proactive, independent colleague and has shown his involvement at all times at our company.

Fontem Ventures

Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the 2 years that Patrick worked for Elsevier, he was instrumental in rolling out eBooks and Print On Demand in our markets. He covered all aspects of these complex transitions, including the operational, commercial and strategic activities to make this happen. His work and knowledge was not only crucial for HS EMEA/LA, but he was very helpful for other business units in Elsevier as well.

Elsevier Health Science EMEA/LA

Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Patrick was successful in the following roles: Projectmanager logistics, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Business Development manager and Manager Digital Products.  Patrick proved to be very successful in launching new products like CB Online (B2B order and BI tool), Central Book House (wholesale) and eBoekhuis (ebook distribution). Patrick was part of the MT and was co-creator of the long and mid term plans and budgets. He has excellent knowledge and skills. He was very creative and dedicated to Centraal Boekhuis. 

CB Logistics

Reference letter, Culemborg, The Netherlands

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