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Product innovation isn’t just about a creative product idea. A product is only as good as how it is developed and the people and processes supporting it. 

analytical, practically and structured working towards success

Services based on broad innovation successes

During my career I successfully launched from a  broad variety of innovative products ranging from industrial pavement to eBook digital distribution. Most of the time combined with leading change and successful digital transformation in cooperates or start-ups. Building and managing agile  teams to autonomy and success for over 20 years. All my services are based on these successful experiences.

    Product Value Proposition

    Shaping an idea into customer-centric practical product proposition with strategic business value.


    Product development

    Effective product development which maximizing business value and delivers on ambitious goals.

    Leading change

    Positively leading change or digital transformation in the organization of people, tools and processes to support the product and the customers.

    Product value proposition

    Products with customer and business value

    To shape an innovative idea into a product with practical customer value the following tools used most of the time:

    • 5 forces (Porter)
    • SWOT
    • Business Canvas model
    • Input from customers (focus groups) and stakeholders
    • Capabilities and resources
    • Trends and competition.

    During this phase the following is key for success:

    • Thinking and planning the big picture of a company wide long-term strategy.
    • Bringing clarity and order by asking pertinent questions.
    • Customer obsessed when creating a product value proposition.
    • Eagerly deep diving into the relevant topics when needed.
    • Always experimenting with outside of the box solutions for complex challenges.
    • Objectively evaluating alternatives based on critical success factors and value.
    • Entrepreneurial and creative mind set, always pushing to drive growth.

    Product development

    Product delivery on target

    To make sure the maximum business value is delivered good planning and making the right decisions crucial. The following project tools are used:

    • High level planning to estimate time and resources.
    • Agile autonomous cross-functional teams which deliver business value every 2 weeks.
    • Regular stand-up meetings to align and monitor progress.
    • Objective prioritizing based on business value.
    • Test and learn and decide on next features.

    To deliver on target, the right team of people and mindset is needed. This can created by:  

    • Creating a diverse team of energetic, committed and empowered people.

    • Painting a clear picture of the strategy, roles and what is needed for success.

    • Balancing the best business and technology solutions.

    • Keep delivery on track with quick, fair and logical decision making.

    • Defending and protecting objectives and teams.

    • Being flexible and resilient when situation changes.

    • Pushing to get the maximum, always owning and accountable for delivery.

    Leading change

    Changing people, tools and processes

    A product is only as good as the people and processes supporting it. Changing the organisation is probably the most difficult part of innovation. Below are some of the tools used to lead change :

    • Host meetings to get all input and pain points.

    • Building a case and urgency.

    • Form coalitions with key stakeholders and teams.

    • Create clarity on why change is needed.

    • Remove barriers by providing tools and support.

    • Mobilize hearts and minds and empower supporters. Focusing on quick wins and carry through execution of total change.

    My approach to leading change is: 

    • Leveraging my broad experience of most of the drivers and blockers for change.
    • Establishing a collaborative culture partnerships with teams with positive and openness towards change and people and my balanced stable personality.
    • Supporting individuals who grief about losing the past through stages of grief
    • Prioritizing changes to organisation, tools and processes to support teams.
    • Using an open, positive, friendly, data and fact-based approach.


    Shaping digital innovation for start-ups, scale-ups and cooperates

    Patrick was a very loyal, customer-oriented and expert colleague, who did his work in a pleasant way, in good cooperation with his supervisors and colleagues and to his complete satisfaction. Patrick is a proactive, independent colleague and has shown his involvement at all times at our company.

    Fontem Ventures

    Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    In the 2 years that Patrick worked for Elsevier, he was instrumental in rolling out eBooks and Print On Demand in our markets. He covered all aspects of these complex transitions, including the operational, commercial and strategic activities to make this happen. His work and knowledge was not only crucial for HS EMEA/LA, but he was very helpful for other business units in Elsevier as well.

    Elsevier Health Science EMEA/LA

    Reference letter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Patrick was successful in the following roles: Projectmanager logistics, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Business Development manager and Manager Digital Products.  Patrick proved to be very successful in launching new products like CB Online (B2B order and BI tool), Central Book House (wholesale) and eBoekhuis (ebook distribution). Patrick was part of the MT and was co-creator of the long and mid term plans and budgets. He has excellent knowledge and skills. He was very creative and dedicated to Centraal Boekhuis. 

    CB Logistics

    Reference letter, Culemborg, The Netherlands

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